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“While in public high school (student) would come home every day upset or crying, being depressed and very stressed out. She was having to deal with bullies as well as teachers that would rather talk about politics than teach the lessons, so she was coming home with way more homework than she should have since they were not doing classwork in class. Since starting the online schooling with Cal-Prep Sutter she has become a different person. (Student) no longer cries every day or seems to be suffering from depression. She is thriving in her studies as well as has more time to do other things like study for other things (getting her driver's license), training her dogs and spending time with her dad and I, which has led to her being able to do more physical activities outside instead of being stuck inside doing homework after spending 6 hours at school. She enjoys being able to take her computer outside to work on her studies or do them later in the day. It has helped in many ways and I am unsure what we would have done if Cal-Prep Sutter would not have been an option. Thank you for your time.” ~ 
Learning Coach, 10th-grade student

"I am so thankful for California Prep. My family has had a loss and sickness. I would not have been able to help (student) if he was going to a traditional school. Everyone has been very kind and supportive. Thank You so much." ~

~ Learning Coach, 9th-grade student


"California Prep has benefited our family by giving confidence back to our son. My son has social anxiety that is quite debilitating. A traditional school setting was limiting my son's academic abilities, he could barely focus and maintain his grades because the constant stress his social anxiety created. We are not a family that likes to give medications to our children if we can avoid it, California Prep has allowed my son to excel academically and emotionally. He doesn't have headaches and stomach aches because of the constant stress from his social anxiety. Thanks to California Prep my son can now focus on his school work while dealing with his social anxiety on his terms." 

~ Learning Coach, 11th-grade student


"Just before Thanksgiving last year my 15-year-old grandson in (far away state) was hanging with the wrong crowd and was skipping school and getting high! He was headed toward using the hard stuff when his mother called us and asked for help. She felt that he was out of control and would not listen to her. I went back to (far away state) to pick him up in early November.


We enrolled him in k12 online school California Prep and severed all ties with his previous crowd and now he is working online to complete his high school education. He has completed his first semester and is very close to obtaining a passing grade. Working on his assignments through this program without his old friends of influence has made a real difference in his life, ours and his mothers.


It is not easy for him and he still struggles with his studies but this is so much better than if he was on the streets of (far away state) and using harder drugs. We are so thankful that this opportunity was available for him to complete his high school education and then maybe even college or trade school. He is also working weekends at a job he really enjoys." 

~ Learning Coach, 10th-grade student


"My daughter has attended California Prep for one year so far and it has been a blessing since she struggles with anxiety and being in a classroom setting. She is able to be at home and relax while doing her work, not to mention her grades have all went from B's to A's and as (a) mother who is already looking into prestige colleges, this is a blessing. My daughter enjoys the work and all of the teachers, counselors, and mentors have been extremely helpful. She is graduating approximately a year early and has met all of her requirements. I truly appreciate everyone who has helped her on this journey." ~ Learning Coach, 11th-grade student


"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  What an absolutely WONDERFUL telephone conference that you just had with my son.  He is smiling now and is much more confident with the Spanish speaking assignment after talking it over with you. Thank you for your patience, your understanding, your kind words, and most of all thank you for your encouraging (son) during the phone conference." ~ Learning Coach (following phone conference with Spanish teacher), 11th-grade student